Pakistan Flood Emergency Food and Shelter Appeal

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Pakistan Flood Emergency Food and Shelter Appeal

The government of Pakistan has declared a state of emergency in view of the flood situation in the country.  Approximately 33 million people across 66 districts in Pakistan have been affected by the unprecedented rainfall, reported to be the heaviest in 30 years causing massive flooding in many parts of the country.

More than 1000 lives have been lost, and close to 3000 kilometers of roads, and 150 bridges, in addition to over half a million housing units have been damaged. Losses of livestock units have devastated the economic life of low-income rural populations.

Our team is on the ground in some of the most rural parts where the devastation has occurred. We are striving to provide shelters with basic amenities, access to clean water, daily meals, and monthly food packs to try and alleviate some of the sufferings that have caused families to lose not only their loved ones but also access to their homes and most basic necessities of food and water.

Help Friends of Charity International reach as many people as possible with your generous donations to our Emergency Donate a Shelter/Degh/Daily Meals and monthly Food Pack Appeal.

Donate a Degh  Donate a family food pack
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